Health Alert – U.S. Embassy San Jose (28 April 2020)

Health Alert

Location:  Costa Rica – Level 4: Do Not Travel 

Location:  Costa Rica – Level 4: Do Not Travel 

Event:  United Airlines has resumed limited commercial service between San Jose and the United States through May 15. For more information, please visit their website at For the latest status of the San Jose airport and a list of all carriers’ plans, please visit the airport site:

Costa Rica has now confirmed 705 cases of COVID-19 in the country. Costa Rica’s President has announced the first stage of a phased reopening of businesses and activities across Costa Rica will begin on May 1. While some services will be allowed to resume operations under strict health guidelines, many businesses and services remained closed, including national parks and beaches. A full text of the announcement can be found by following this link. An English language summary of the announcement can be found by following this link.

Costa Rica’s Minister of Health has announced that current border restrictions prohibiting foreigners from entering Costa Rica have been extended through May 15. Tourists who entered Costa Rica after December 17 have also been granted an extension of stay until July 17. For more information, please use this link.

Costa Rica has placed restrictions on vehicular traffic until May 15. There is currently a complete nighttime restriction from 7pm to 5am every day. During the weekdays between 5am and 7pm, vehicles will be restricted by license plate numbers. Weekends will see complete restrictions except for going to supermarkets, pharmacies, and health centers, and again will be limited by license plate numbers. Public transportation will operate from 4am to 11pm daily.

Only certain essential services and night shift workers are exempt from the restrictions; drivers not complying with the restrictions are being fined. We encourage all U.S. citizens to follow the Government of Costa Rica’s recommendations on staying home as much as possible.

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