An Agreement between the United States and Costa Rica Will Allow the Evaluation of Its Underground Waters

U.S. Geological Service representative Dr. Saud Amer

The Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE) and the U.S. Geological Service signed an agreement to evaluate Costa Rican aquifers that will provide Costa Rica with clearer information related to its underground water sources.

The agreement entitled “Mapping of the Ground Water Hydric Resource in Costa Rica” will be developed in 14 months and will use WATEX high technology, which will allow authorities to obtain images of Costa Rica’s subterraneous water sources without disrupting the source’s infrastructure or vegetation.

Through this agreement, Costa Rica will optimize its knowledge about the availability of underground water, which will allow it to develop a better strategy for using water from this source to address issues such as a drought and climate change.

U.S. Geological Service representative Dr. Saud Amer will be leading this project that will be financed by MINAE.