Scholarship Alumni Conference Forges new U.S.-Costa Rica Ties

Participants in the first alumni conference. Alumni Conference 2023: Global Minds, Local Action.

A group of 200 Costa Rican former U.S. government scholarship recipients met to talk about current issues and create an association that helps them work together for Costa Rica’s wellbeing as well as strengthen U.S.-Costa Rica relations.  Participating alumni hailed from more than five decades of programs in a variety of fields.

U.S. Ambassador Cynthia Telles expressed her satisfaction in the United States’ contribution to the personal and professional development of so many Costa Rican leaders. “As we gather at the close of this historic conference—the first to bring together alumni from all our different programs—I would like to underscore the enduring value of U.S. government exchange programs: to promote people-to-people relationships, showing our conviction that fostering dialogue, shared experiences, and collaborative relationships across cultures is foundational to global harmony and progress.”

Alumni interested in participating in the association can register at: Alumni Association.