Do you want to take your dog/cat back to the US?

You will need a Certificate of Good Health from your veterinarian in Costa Rica and an export authorization issued by the Costa Rican Ministry of Agriculture (SENASA-Departamento de Cuarentena Animal).

Normally, your Costa Rican veterinarian can take care of all the required authorizations. If he/she does not, you will also need to visit the Ministry of Agriculture directly to obtain the export authorization. The Ministry (SENASA- Cuarentena Animal) is located in Barreal de Heredia, Jardines del Recuerdo, 2 Km West, 400 Meters South, Heredia. Telephone number: 2260-8300 Ext. 2024 or 2093 or 2260-9046.

You will need to take with you to the Ministry the following stamps, which can be purchased at most book/stationary stores: one “fiscal” stamp of ¢25.00 and one “archivo” stamp of ¢5.00.
To pay the required fee, you must deposit ¢4,992.00 (please confirm the correct amount with SENASA before depositing since amounts change frequently) into one of the following accounts:

Bank Account Number Currency Name Customer account
Banco de Costa Rica 001-262585-7 Colones Servicio Nacional de Salud Animal 1520100102 625857
Banco Popular y de Desarrollo Comunal 161-010-089-1-019474-1 Colones Servicio Nacional  de Salud Animal 161010089 10194741
Banco Nacional de Costa Rica 100-01-061-000890-1 Colones Servicio Nacional  de Salud Animal 151061100 10008909
Banco Crédito Agrícola de Cartago 105519621 Colones Servicio Nacional  de Salud Animal 15302001055 196219