Fall 2019: Foreign National Student Internship Program

FNSIP Announcement Number:  San Jose – 2019 – 002

Position:  Fall 2019: Foreign National Student Internship Program

Opening Period:    August 12, 2019 through August 19, 2019

For More Info:   Send email to SanJoseInterns@state.gov

Who May Apply:  Students who are non-U.S. citizen residents in Costa Rica

Work Hours:    Part-Time (20 hours per week)

The FNSIP is designed for students who are non-U.S. citizen residents in Costa Rica seeking internships with the U.S. Mission, in San Jose, Costa Rica. The program benefits both the Mission and students by providing participants with valuable, educational, and relevant work experience, and/or academic credits, and also assists the Mission in meeting its goals, including strengthening and broadening ties between Costa Rica and the United States.

The program is open to all qualified students and provides the opportunity to work for a limited period to be determined by the Mission (no more than 4 months). Post’s FNSIP program is administered in compliance with both U.S. and Costa Rican law.

NOTE: No benefits (i.e. food or transportation) or compensation will accrue from an internship, nor any future employment rights.



  • Age: Students must be at least 18 years old at the time of participation in the program. NOTE: To be considered for the FNSIP, students must have graduated from high school or equivalent secondary school prior to beginning the program.
  • Citizenship/Legal Residence: The FNSIP is only open to students who are either citizens or permanent legal residents of Costa Rica.
  • Meet Definition of Student: Applicants must meet the definition of student, as defined in 5 CFR § 308.101: “Student is an individual who is enrolled not less than half-time in a high school, trade school, technical or vocational institute, junior college, college, university or other accredited educational institution. An individual who is a student is deemed not to have ceased to be a student during an interim between school years if the interim is not more than 5 months and if such individual shows to the satisfaction of the agency that the individual has a bona fide intention of continuing to pursue a course of study or training in the same or different educational institution during the school semester (or other period into which the school year is divided) immediately after the interim.”
  • Transcript and Permission: Applicants must be in good academic standing at their current educational institution and must provide a certified transcript verifying this. Applicants must also provide written permission from the educational institution at which they are currently enrolled to participate in the FNSIP.
  • Security and Medical Certifications: Applicants must receive a successful security certification and medical certification from the Embassy prior to beginning the program.
  • Medical Insurance: Applicants must have their own medical insurance, for the duration of the internship.

Available Positions

The following employment opportunity is available.

OFDA – USAID/LAC                            Part-Time                 September through December 27

  • Provide support with the logistics to accommodate staff during construction projects.
  • Issue requisitions to US Embassy departments including Facilities, GSO, and RSO.
  • Assist Admin Unit with the contracting process for a mayor infrastructure project at OFDA facilities.
  • Assist OFDA Infrastructure Assistant to coordinate with the selected contractor and RSO the necessary clearances for all project related, Non- Government personnel and any other related tasks.
  • Provide support to the OFDA ADMIN UNIT to successfully accomplish objectives, by assisting in any other Admin related task, as requested by the Supervisor.
  • Administrative or Secretarial related studies.
  • Level 3 or higher English proficiency.
  • Ability to use Microsoft Office Products (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word).
  • Highly organized and focused.



USAID/OFDA is responsible for leading and coordinating the U.S. government’s response to disasters overseas. USAID/OFDA experts worldwide and in Washington D.C. help countries prepare for, respond to, and recover from humanitarian crises. USAID/OFDA works with the international humanitarian community to give vulnerable populations resources to build resilience and strengthen their ability to respond to emergencies.

PRESS INTERN                                     Part-Time                     September through December 27

This position would be an assistant in the press section, helping with social media and press interactions, contributing to strategy and daily reports that are sent out to the entire mission.  The intern would be assigned special projects in order for the section to be able to improve and refine our social media and press interaction. The position would also help the cultural section as needed and for special events.
  • Level 3 or higher in English and Spanish.
  • Ability to read press articles and summarize, some knowledge of social media environment in Costa Rica.
  • Self-starter on projects.
  • Studying media, advertising, marketing, communications, public policy, or related field.



The Public Affairs section is responsible for the public-facing outreach of the U.S. Embassy in San Jose.  We administer all of the mission’s social media properties and liaise with media to tell the story of the U.S. presence in Costa Rica.  We also administer several scholarship programs, cultural programs, and educational programs.


Interested applicants must submit ALL of the following information to SanJoseInterns@state.gov:

  1. Completed Internship Application Form
  2. Any other documentation (e.g., certificates, awards, copies of degrees earned) that addresses the qualification requirements of the position as listed above.
  3. Letter from University specifying current enrollment on their institution.

Please note that incomplete packages will NOT be accepted after the Vacancy Announcement closing date of August 12, 2019.