Medical Attention Arrived to Punta Burica

Punta Burica, Costa Rica

Over four days, professionals from the United States and Costa Rica provided free medical attention to 684 residents of Punta Burica as part of a humanitarian mission.

These professionals reached the remote area of Punta Burica aboard U.S. helicopters. They examined patients, provided first aid, dentist services, and preventive health education.

Medical Attention Arrived to Punta BuricaU.S. Ambassador Sharon Day highlighted the importance of the joint effort between the Joint Task Force Bravo from the U.S. Southern Command and the Costa Rican Social Security Institution (CCSS) citing it as a clear example of the partnership between Costa Rica and the United States.

“Through this joint effort we will be better prepared to face any natural disaster that might strike Costa Rica. Having a better knowledge of this country and its people will strengthen our ability to coordinate with citizens and government of Costa Rica,” said Ambassador Day.