Modernization of the Murcielago Police Training Center

59-foot high rappelling tower

The U.S. Embassy supports the professionalization of Costa Rican police forces.

Thanks to this support and a donation of more than USD $1 million, the dormitories for female officers were remodeled and a 59-foot high rappelling tower was built at the Murcielago Police Training Center.

59-foot high rappelling tower“The work we do together is vital to ensuring the safety of this beautiful country. Today, more than ever, we need to consolidate the limited resources we have and focus on standard training and police interoperability, to confront transnational criminal activities and provide effective citizen security. The essential thing is that we work together”, said U.S. Ambassador Sharon Day.

The new works includes the installation of a wastewater treatment and purification plant, which helps the environment, minimizes waste, saves, and reuses water, among other benefits.

The United States has also contributed to the improvement of this training center with other works valued at USD $4.5 million:

  • Restoration of three shooting ranges.
  • Construction of a wastewater treatment plant.
  • Remodeling of bedroom module for men.• Installation of a reverse osmosis system for water purification.
  • Renovation of three classrooms.
  • Purchase of specialized training equipment.

The United States Embassy will also contribute to the improvement of the National Police Academy in the next two years, with a contribution of more than USD $3 million in projects that include a training center and national K-9 school, an Olympic swimming pool, three virtual classrooms, a tactical medicine room and training space, a virtual weapons training area with real world scenarios, the reaction leader course for small units, a defensive tactics zone, a qualification weapons shooting range weapons and a space for maintenance of vehicles.