New Canine Agents Reinforce Costa Rican Police Corps

Several Costa Rican police corps were reinforced with 17 new drug and explosives detection canine agents donated by the U.S. Embassy International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) Office.

As part of the cooperation with public security authorities, INL also financed the training of eight instructors and 16 dog handlers who work for the Fuerza Pública, Border Police, Air Surveillance Service, Presidential Protection Unit, Penitentiary Police, and the Municipal Police of San José, San Ramón, Belén, Montes de Oca, and Moravia.

The canine agents and specialized police officers are trained in scent introduction techniques, execution of fundamental procedures for handling the detector dog, as well as in the application of procedures for leading the canine team.

“The canine program represents just one of several ways in which the United States is working together with police corps to strengthen and improve their capabilities,” said INL program officer James Kenney.

This collaboration between the governments of Costa Rica and the United States will help develop the knowledge, skills, and capabilities of the Costa Rican police corps.