Prairie View A&M University and Costa Rica University

Prairie View A&M University Students

U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Regional Agricultural Counselor Anita Katial welcomes Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU), Texas Students and Faculty to Costa Rica on Sunday, March 11. Anita Katial provided students with an overview of Costa Rican Agricultural and how USDA works with host nations around the world to further bilateral trade relationships, agricultural capacity building, technical assistance for animal and plant health, and the promotion of open markets. The students are studying veterinary sciences and agribusiness.

Other details of the group: One of the goals of the study abroad experience is to provide clarity to students on how land resource economics in the United States of America compares and contrasts with approaches in international settings (in this case Costa Rica). Therefore, the students are currently conducting the same activities on their university farm will conduct the same on the ETAI farm in Costa Rica. They are mapping production modules on their university farm and will do the same at ETAI. They hope that this can lead to a long-term relationship in the form of collaborations between Prairie View A&M University, Universidad de Costa Rica and ETAI. Here is a link to the website to their College of Agriculture: