Six Costa Ricans Will Study One Year in the United States

Six Costa Ricans Will Study One Year in the United States

2018 AFS-CRUSA Scholarships

Emerson González, Geovanny García, Daniela Lai, Ximena Quesada, Amanda Valdez and Diana Mejías will travel in August to study one academic year at a high school in the United States.

The six students from the Science High School System were awarded with the AFS-CRUSA scholarship that CRUSA Foundation and AFS Costa Rica, with U.S. Embassy support, have granted for the last seven years. Each of the students are in 10th grade, have academic excellence and are proficient in English. They will return to Costa Rica on August 2019 to continue their studies at their respective high schools and graduate with their classmates.

U.S. Ambassador Sharon Day encouraged the six students and their classmates to improve their English skills, to take advantage of the exchange experience they are going to leave, learn more about the United States, its culture and values; and share with U.S. students all they can about Costa Rica’s natural beauties.

Winners of the 2018 AFS-CRUSA Scholarships

  • Emerson González Cerdas, Alajuela Science High School
  • Geovanny García Downing, Liberia Science High School
  • Daniela Lai Sánchez, Limón Science High School
  • Ximena Quesada Castro, Limón Science High School
  • Amanda Valdez Calderón, Pérez Zeledón Science High School
  • Diana Mejías Hernández, Pérez Zeledón Science High School