Important Message for Social Security beneficiaries in Costa Rica:

Social Security Benefits

If you receive Social Security benefits and live in Costa Rica, you may need to contact the embassy’s Federal Benefits Unit to continue receiving benefits.

The Social Security Administration resumed mailing Foreign Enforcement Questionnaires [forms SSA-7161 (Pdf – 74 KB) and SSA-7162 (Pdf – 59 KB)] in late June 2022.  Forms were mailed to individuals whose last two digits of their Social Security or claim number end in 00-49, Representative Payees, individuals over 90 years old and anyone who did not respond in 2019.  If the first form was not received, a second form was mailed in late October 2022 and should have been returned by mail before December 2022. Individuals who did not return these forms could have their benefits suspended.

Please visit the Our The Regional Federal Benefits Unit(FBU )page for more information  or contact the Federal Benefits Unit directly at for more information