The United States Celebrates Costa Rica’s Coast Guard 20th Anniversary

Jacob Doty de INL y el Director del Servicio de Guarda Costa, Martín Arias

As part of the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Coast Guard, the U.S. Embassy announced the donation of the services of a special adviser to create the comprehensive 10-year strategic plan for Costa Rican Coast Guard Service, maintenance sheets, tutorial videos, and a commemorative book.

The Costa Rican National Coast Guard Service of the Ministry of Public Security, the embassy, and Colombian advisors worked for one year to produce these documents.

U.S. Ambassador Sharon Day highlighted the importance of the work that the Costa Rican National Coast Guard does and stated that the United States will continue being a strategic partner in the fight against illicit trafficking.

The U.S. Embassy donated the adviser’s time, research, and development of the documents, as well as equipment and field trips, work valued in USD 198,000.