They arrived!

Libertador Class Cutters at Caldera Port

Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica

After months of training, the crew of the two 110 feet Libertador ships donated by the United States arrived in Caldera in command of the vessels.

The 44 officers of the Costa Rican National Coast Guard Service were trained how to operate and maintain the vessels.

U.S. Ambassador Sharon Day
U.S. Ambassador Sharon Day

U.S. Ambassador Sharon Day stated that “even though these ships are incredibly important resources for Coast Rica, more important than any ship is its crew. The dedicated Coast Guard officers – spent the last few months enduring the icy, arctic winter of Baltimore, training tirelessly to become expert operators of these beautiful ships. Their commitment to Costa Rica, evident by the time they have sacrificed away from their family and loved ones brings us all tremendous pride. We are also equally proud to see how far they have come and what they are
now capable of doing, as a result of their training.”

In the upcoming months, the U.S. Embassy will offer more training to the crews of these ships.