Earthquake Checklist

My home, right now, has a two week supply of:                                                    

Those at my home (children, household help, spouse, other) know:If those at home decide to leave the house, they know: If children are at school or on the bus: Other Questions: I have either in my car or office what I need to walk distances:

Food Yes No
Water Yes No
Medicines Yes No
Flashlights & Batteries Yes No
Candles & matches Yes No
Non- Electric way to cook Yes No
Basic First Aid supplies Yes No
What I expect them to do Yes No
How to turn off electric/water at  house Yes No
Safest place to shelter at home Yes No
Basic First Aid Yes No

What they must do before leaving

(turn off water, electricity, lock, pet care, etc)

Yes No

How to communicate when they left where they planned to go and how

(Where to leave a note?  Whether they left on foot, by bike, etc?)

Yes No
They know the school’s earthquake Yes No
They know what you would plan to do Yes No
They know what you want them to
My family has defined an alternate meeting place if it is impossible to go home Yes No
Someone else near my home has a house key Yes No
My pets can survive for a few days if I am unable to get home Yes No
Walking shoes Yes No
Hat Yes No
Umbrella Yes No
Jacket/sweater Yes No
Flashlight Yes No
Water bottle Yes No
I have an extra set of clothing/shoes in my car or office. Yes No