U.S. Embassy Donates Lab Supplies

U.S. Embassy Donates Lab Supplies

The U.S. Embassy Office of Defense Representative donated lab supplies to the Costa Rican Social Security Council (CCSS).

June 25, 2020

These devices include a mixing scale, a blood bag tube sealer, plasma separators and automatic tubing homogenizers (auto-roller), which are required for Costa Rica to continue the production of coronavirus antigens (proteins) and to perform serological tests for the measurement of antibodies, that the Center for Research in Tropical Diseases of the University of Costa Rica (CIET) performs.

CCSS will give part of the donation that also include 24,500 units of Eppendorf tubes, conical, filter tips, serological pipettes, plates, large cultivation bottles and cultivation plates to the Clodomiro Picado Institute, the Blood Bank and the CCSS laboratories themselves.

three people and medical equipmentU.S. Ambassador Sharon Day emphasized the importance of collaborating with science research that could lead to solutions to address Covid-19 pandemic in Costa Rica.

From March to date, the United States Embassy has made multiple donations to Costa Rica’s social security system and the Costa Rican government, valued at more than $ 235,000.