U.S. Embassy Program Prepares Limonense High School Students for College

The U.S. Embassy announced the new program College Horizon Outreach Program (CHOP) developed jointly with the Foundation for Sustainability and Equity (Aliarse) for 20 students from the Limón Mario Bourne High School and 20 students from the Shiroles Indigenous High School.

“This program is a promise of hope, a symbol of dedication, and a commitment to shape the future of Limón youth. Together, we invest in the education of the leaders of tomorrow and I am sure that they will make their communities a better place,” said U.S. Embassy Cultural Affairs Officer Elizabeth Smith.

CHOP’s main goal is to cultivate these students to be community leaders by providing them with the necessary academic resources, English language skills, and leadership development that propels them to continue their college education.

CHOP is a two-year, intensive training program that provides students with English courses, leadership skills development workshops, personalized academic advising, visits to universities, university preparation workshops to increase admission rates to higher education institutions, and participation in cultural events.

The total value of this program is approximately USD $197,000. The U.S. Embassy Public Diplomacy Section contributed USD $167,000 of that grand total.