United States Supports Breastfeeding and Gender Equality

“It is vital to recognize the importance of breastfeeding for the development of children and the health of mothers. We hope that these mobile units will facilitate the process for policewomen, by reconciling their work responsibilities with breastfeeding, to promote a healthier and more engaged workforce.” – U.S. Ambassador Cynthia Telles

The U.S.Embassy donated three mobile breastfeeding rooms to the Ministry of Public Security.  The units provide police officers who are breastfeeding with a safe, hygienic, and private space at their workplace to express and store breast milk for their children.

Special units can be brought to police stations around the country, including to police officers serving in remote areas outside the Greater Metropolitan Area.

The donation, valued at USD $240,000, also includes resources and training from the Carter Center, including a 60-hour gender equity course for the National Police Academy and assistance on developing an internal communications strategy to prevent sexual harassment and promote gender equity among police officers.