United States and Costa Rica Announce Juntos por Limón

On June 30, U.S. Ambassador Cynthia Telles and Minister of Public Security Mario Zamora announced Juntos por Limón (Together for Limón), a joint effort between the United States and Costa Rica to bring more prosperity and security to the Costa Rican Caribbean province.

Juntos por Limón reflects the U.S. commitment to strengthen public security and to improve social and economic opportunities in Limón, in which the U.S. government has invested more than USD $20 million in projects that benefit the community.

Juntos por Limón
Juntos por Limón

“Juntos por Limón adopts a comprehensive approach to boost a more secure and prosperous province. To have the opportunity to prosper, Limón inhabitants require security, access to jobs, and quality education. We are together for Limón,” said Ambassador Telles during her first visit to the Caribbean city.

The initiative’s pillars are public security and economy; education, cultural, and exchange opportunities; as well as governance and anti-corruption, which the United States supports through a variety of actions and programs.

On security, several U.S. Embassy offices and agencies provide training and cooperate with Costa Rican police corps to better protect residents, intercept drugs, and counter organized crime, while the Sembremos Seguridad strategy promotes more resilient communities, with a focus on crime prevention.

The U.S. Embassy’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) helps judicial authorities incorporate best practices to combat corruption, manage cases of organized crime, and provide alternative justice mechanisms for juvenile offenders.

On the Economic front, the U.S. Embassy provides technical assistance to local authorities responsible for attracting investment and helps U.S. companies to establish and create jobs in the community.

American CornerThrough its Public Diplomacy Section, the Embassy provides education exchange opportunities, promotes English language learning, and implements programs to expand cultural connections between the United States and Limón at the American Corner, a space that has hosted more than 1,600 educational and cultural programs since its founding in 2007.